Welcome to Meadview Arizona

This is the Official Meadview Arizona Chamber of Commerce Website
Serving the communities of Meadview & Lake Mead City

Meadview Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business for the Meadview & Lake Mead City, Arizona area.  Through this Chamber, local professionals and businesses work together to identify, define and find solutions for business community issues.

We encourage our citizens to patronize local businesses for all their needs, showing a direct connection between shopping locally and your quality of life.
Meadview & Lake Mead City- the best-kept secret in Arizona!

Meadview and Lake Mead City are located on the Arizona side of Lake Mead, at the extreme western end of the Grand Canyon National Park. Perched on the Grapevine Mesa just south of Lake Mead, with the Grand Wash Cliffs to the east and the distant glow of Las Vegas to the west. Meadview and Lake Mead City are the perfect hideaways. Removed from the everyday rush of life, Meadview and Lake Mead City 
offer unique  business and recreational opportunities. 

Come to visit and stay for a lifetime!
Welcome to Lake Mead City Arizona
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